Celebrate World Beard Day On September 5th

September 5th marks World Beard Day, a celebration of beard tradition and bearded people around the world. It is a global holiday with activities ranging from barbecues to drinking with your bearded friends. As World Beard Day approaches, let’s take a look at the history, biology, and modern-day significance of the beard.

History of the Beard

Beards began as an evolutionary advantage for adult men, as they helped to protect the face and keep the head warm during winters. A thick mane would help to protect the delicate skin of the face during hunting or combat, and could be used as a sign of superiority and wisdom in ancient human tribes. However, as societies started to grow and become civilizations, the beard took on a more symbolic meaning for men.

The Egyptians were the first to revolutionize the styling of the beard. Royalty in ancient Egypt would dye their beards, and braid gold thread into them to display their wealth and power. This trend took flight, and beard accessories became more prevalent in ancient, upper-class society.

It wasn’t until the rise of the Roman empire that beard growth faded in popularity. Most Roman men copied the fashion and grooming choices of their emperor, and a clean-shaven look became most popular during the time of Alexander the Great. There were practical purposes for this as well. As combat styles moved from hand-to-hand to using more advanced tools and armor, beards became a liability. One could easily pull an enemy to the ground by their beard and defeat them in combat, which is why Alexander encouraged his soldiers to shave.

The popularity of beards fluctuated until the reign of Henry VIII in England, who imposed a beard tax to discourage citizens from sporting them. This spread briefly throughout Europe, and only royalty was exempt from such rules. As times changed, beards once again became a symbol of rebellion, masculinity, strength, and attractiveness. This continued into the 20th century during the beatnik revolution and into modern times.

The Modern Man’s Beard

Today, beards still symbolize masculinity, virility, and wisdom. They are a testament to a man’s strength and his patience, and are one of the top characteristics of attractiveness. That is why Cottrell N0.7 launched our premium beard oil last September during World Beard Day. We want to help men feel confident and look their very best with beard health products that actually work.

Cottrell No. 7 uses a distinctive blend of cold-pressed oils that enrich the hair follicles and soothe the skin underneath. The added essential oils create an intoxicating aroma that you and everyone around you will enjoy. Our cold-pressed oil blend consists of:

● Grapeseed Oil

● Sweet Almond Oil

● Sesame Seed Oil

● Jojoba Oil

● Argan Oil

● Olive Oil

● Fractionated Coconut Oil

● Essential oil blend of citrus, rose, jasmine, musk, vanilla, and smoked pecan wood

Daily use of our beard oil will help keep your beard shining, full, and flake-free. We care about beards of all kinds, and want to ensure that yours looks as good as those throughout history. Click here to celebrate World Beard Day with us.

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