Beard Hygiene Is Critical During COVID-19

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lifestyle and daily routine. Before, you were able to walk out of the house with little to no worry, but now you must think more carefully and be prepared for the outside world. Social distancing, mask-wearing, and daily sanitizing has exhausted many of us, and it shows not only in our emotions but our bodies as well.

Those of us with beards are especially feeling the effects of mask-wearing. By constricting the hair follicles and not allowing the skin underneath to breathe, masks can cause itching, tangles, and sweat odors on a daily basis. Coupled with restricted access to salons, many men are frustrated with their beard care. No one wants to deal with itching, sweating, and painful follicle damage on a daily basis, and many are resorting to a shave to fix the problem.

However, there are steps you can take to preserve your beard and reduce under-mask problems at home:

  • Wash your beard daily - Washing your beard on a daily basis will help to keep unwanted odors out after sweating during the day. Just like your hair, your beard needs to be washed every day to prevent the buildup of sweat, dirt, and oil. Preferably wash it with a beard conditioner or face wash of your choice.

  • Follow up with a beard oil - Using a beard oil daily will provide several benefits. It will cut down on smells from sweat (as long as it contains natural essential oils) and will moisturize the skin and hair follicles to prevent itching and breakage. Beard oil will also replenish the beard with vitamins and moisture after washing to ensure it remains healthy long-term. Choosing a clean, tested beard oil is essential in these unprecedented times.

  • Brush your beard at night - Brushing your beard will help to reduce tangling and painful breakage to the follicles. Before bed or before applying your daily beard oil, brush it out in the direction you want the hairs to lay. Then, work the beard oil into the hair and skin underneath for a healthy look and feel.

  • Trim at home - You may not have access to a hair salon right now, but you can trim your beard at home with a few basic supplies. Start with professional trimming scissors to remove flyaway hairs and make adjustments on length. If you’re not comfortable using an electric razor, wait for this step until you can see a professional.

These four steps will help reduce itchiness and keep your beard looking healthy, even under a mask. However, it’s important to choose a natural, tested product that does not contain harmful bacteria or microbes. You should only use high-quality beard oils to ensure that your product is safe, and that it will yield long-term results.

Cottrell No. 7 is a high-quality and bacteria-tested beard oil made of the highest quality ingredients for your hair and skin. We work hard to ensure that our formula will serve your beard and provide shine, comfort, and strength to the hair. We test every batch of beard oil to ensure that it is safe to use. There is no better beard oil for you than our unique blend of cold-pressed natural oils.

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